Old School Acommodation

The Old School Accomodation was built in 1961 to be used as a primary school in the Rodão Valley, in Marvão, but was no longer served in 1976. Closed since that date, it was the subject of an intervention within a Park project car seat covers. A native of Serra de São Mamede, which aimed to convert the building into a shelter. However, after restructuring the park the house was abandoned for 15 years.
In 2016, the Marvão City Council took the property to public access and it was here that we started to walk our way together. In 2017, we submitted an application to SI2E, Portugal 2020, which allowed us to re-qualify the entire building, ensuring that guests would always have the best possible accommodation conditions so that they could take advantage of the full potential of the Serra de São Mamede to Nature tourism.

In this requalification, we took into account the extreme summer and winter temperatures that are felt in this region and insulated the walls, applied double-glazed windows and thermally cut window frames, which allowed a considerable improvement in living conditions and energy efficiency.
The installation of air conditioning in all rooms and the living room allows our guests to enjoy the accommodation to its fullest and as there could not be a lack of connection to the digital world, we also have internet connection.
In addition to the interior requalification, the exterior also underwent several interventions that allow this space to be used for outdoor animation activities.

We have created a space so that you can comfortably enjoy the tranquility of the Alto Alentejo and still not miss the amenities of your home, what are you waiting for?
Come make our home yours too, visit us and enjoy the experiences we can provide.

Room type 1

Room type 2