Bloco 2 CX26, 7330-151, Vale de Ródão, Marvão - Portugal (+351) 963 157 074 RNAAT 1408/2017


Not suitable for children under 12 years old!


UMM was a Portuguese vehicle manufacturer founded in 1977, with the purpose of manufacturing 4×4 vehicles for agriculture, industrial and service industries. The company was for a period, very successful. These vehicles also played a major role in various Portuguese military actions abroad and also in the development of economic and social growth of the country.

Nowadays, the vehicles we see remaining on the roads are admired with fondness.  For these reasons, this particular activity for the Portuguese is very emotive, and an opportunity to  reflect on the recent past.

Come and enjoy a ride on these vehicles along the beautiful mountain roads.  Perhaps stop for a picnic or a refreshing swim in one of the lakes or rivers.  Get to know the corners of the wild, yet charming Alentejo.


Minimum: 4 people

Maximum: 14 people



  • Picnic
  • Guide service

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